What CRYPTO Course Should I Do online?


Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are a new technology and rapidly-growing financial asset class. As interesting and exciting as cryptocurrencies are, there is a steep learning curve to get a good understanding of how it all works.

Their goal at Intelligent Cryptocurrency is to educate the masses about this technology and make it easy and simple to understand exactly what it is, how it works and how to get started making your first purchase or transaction in a safe way.

They offer step-by-step online training courses for beginners and more advanced students. They also offer a monthly newsletter with the latest news, developments and updates in the cryptocurrency space, as well as a private community where members can learn, share and interact with coaches and other members.

  • Education: Get up to speed on all things cryptocurrency with step-by-step over-the-shoulder training, even if you’re a complete beginner.
  • Research: Save yourself days (or weeks) of reading articles and watching videos to find high-profit potential projects and get our top-quality cryptocurrency research and updates handed to you on a platter.
  • Community: join 100+ like-minded cryptocurrency investors around the world, bounce ideas, make friends and grow together.

About The Founder


Beyond Blocks Conference Bangkok 2018

Originally from the Netherlands, Dirk has a strong background in technical analysis after years of experience and self-study with Forex, Stocks, CFD’s and precious metal trading.

Dirk purchased his first Bitcoins in late 2014 and didn’t fully grasp the potential of cryptocurrency until early 2017. At this point he started spending a lot more time researching and learning about cryptocurrencies. He traveled the world attending conferences, meetups and private gatherings and has been sharing his research and insights with thousands of people since mid 2017.

Dirk firmly believes that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology provide an enormous opportunity to early adopters to gain life-changing skills, knowledge and wealth and his mission is to share his research, insights and experience with 10,000 students in the coming decade.

Dirk personally travels to cryptocurrency and blockchain conferences, events and meetups around the world to get as much first-hand information direct from the source as possible to share with his students. Here are some pictures.

*How To Profit From The 2021 Cryptocurrency Bullrun, Potentially Turn $1000 Bets Into As Much As $271,244 and Know When To Sell Before The Next CRASH…

Your Masterclass Presenter: Dirk de Bruin has been involved in the cryptocurrency space since 2015 and has shared his research and insights with tens of thousands of people over the past years.

He’s traveled around the world to attend conferences and events and has connected with some of the leaders of the industry (like CZ the CEO of Binance.com in the photo above).

His work has also been featured in various publications including the popular website Bitcoin.com.

Dirk runs a private cryptocurrency education program and community called Intelligent Cryptocurrency (you can learn more about it in today’s presentation)

The membership includes:

A monthly 25+ page cryptocurrency newsletter

Monthly video updates of markets and updates

An 18-lesson cryptocurrency beginners course

A 20-lesson trading & technical analysis course

Multiple topic-specific special reports

Access to members-only private Discord chat groups

Access to the creator’s personal buy/sell movements.

Based on over 3 years of experience in the cryptocurrency education space, Intelligent Cryptocurrency is arguably the best place to join if people want to learn about cryptocurrencies and have access to the latest information, research and community.


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