How Can I Earn Money Using My Mobile

Earn By Just Getting Texts

McMoney is an SMS tool that lets you earn a bit of cash just by receiving text messages. The goal of the company behind McMoney is to test and improve worldwide communication. To do so, they need various people ready to get the test SMS so they can get results on how well the sending process well for the mobile networks they’re testing. As such, they’ve offered McMoney to entice people to help, legitimately paying them for their time and availability as testers.

Earn Cash

Just install the app. They send you random test SMS messages once in a while. You’ll earn money for each received text message from them.

Works On Android

McMoney is an Android-only app because Android allows them to process the results of the SMS text messages they send to your phone.


McMoney is extremely safe and secure for you to use. Your personal data is handled according to strict privacy rules.

The Specifics

  • Don’t want to receive messages for a while? Just disable the McMoney app for a while in the settings.
  • You may delete the text as soon as you’ve received it. No need to store it.
  • The messages do not contain any meaningful texts but only some random characters that you can ignore.

How does the McMoney app work?

All you need to do is to download the app and register your phone number. Once you do you will start receiving occasional messages from McMoney. For every message, you will automatically get paid on your McMoney account. You can claim the money via PayPal.

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Download the app here:

Why are there signs, numbers and/or special characters in the text message?

Special characters are in the text messages so they can test if your mobile operator is transferring the message content properly. Example of a message on your phone: thole x obimph f: -=4,./‘s{aadgr} = nfgh

What do I need to do when I receive a text message?

Receiving test messages, processing the message, and receiving the money in your wallet are done automatically. There is no need to take any further action. You can just simply ignore the messages.

Can I delete the received messages?

Yes, you can delete the text messages right away if you want.

How many messages will I receive?

The number of texts you receive changes from time to time. It could be that you do not receive text messages for 2–3 days. If you find yourself not receiving text messages for 3 days or longer, please check your internet connectivity as this is required to send you the text message.

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My article contains an affiliate code that would lead to me getting a commission from any action of the registry. The amounts paid on the SMS testing program are minimal depending on the region. You will gain over time not immediately.



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