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What Are the Pros and Cons of Bluehost?


  1. Over 2,000,000 sites worldwide are hosted by Bluehost so the company is obviously doing something right
  2. Offers a wide range of web hosting options
  3. Easy to upgrade your plan to VPS or dedicated server without having to move your website
  4. Offers free anti-spam solutions built right in cPanel
  5. Provides you with integrated Cloudflare support
  6. Includes several security features such as unique IPs, SSL, & SiteLock protection
  7. Allows a 30-day (no questions asked) money-back-guarantee for all hosting plans
  8. 99% uptime guarantee.
  9. How many domains can I have on Bluehost?


  1. Does not offer month-to-month shared hosting options
  2. A few users have complained that tech support wait times are long and that the staff does not give customers much personal attention
  3. Charges a fee to have your site migrated from a different hosting company to Bluehost. Most hosting companies offer this service at no cost
  4. Bluehost only offer servers in Linux, Windows hosting is not available
  5. You must do your own daily backups for full security



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Evans Nthiwa

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