Pakakumi Ultimate Review — 2022

Tips on how to make money online in Kenya using the Pakakumi and get paid through your Mpesa account.

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From google I found these interesting statistics according to these stats, there are 42 million active users for active messages and guess what the total Kenyan population is approximately 52 million meaning almost 90 per cent of Kenyans use Mpesa so I’m sure even you that is reading this article probably use a Mpesa. The MAIN question is what or how can you make money through your Mpesa account or how will this website called Pakakumi help you to get paid via M-pesa?

PakaKumi is a thrilling social online game. It's a real-time, simple, and exciting game that you can securely play for fun or to win a fortune.

In each round of the game, you have the opportunity to place a bet before the round starts. Once the round begins, a lucky multiplier starts at 1x and begins climbing higher and higher.

At any moment, you can click "Cashout" to lock in the current multiplier which awards you with your multiplied bet.

The longer you stay in the game before cashing out, the higher the multiplier gets. But beware! Every tick of the game has a chance of busting. If you do not cash out before the bust, you lose your bet.

Every round is a fight between risk and reward. Do you cash out at 1.1x for a conservative win? Or do you stay in the game to hunt the high 1000x multipliers?

PakaKumi is provably fair and has one of the lowest house edges in the market, at only 1%.


First, you need to have a positive balance, by depositing money through MPESA to your account or receiving a tip from someone in the community.

Next, select the amount to bet and a cash-out multiplier. Place your bet. Watch the multiplier increase from 1x upwards! You can cash out before your set up cash out limit, pressing the 'Cash Out' button. Get your bet multiplied by that multiplier. But be careful because the game can bust at any time, and you'll get nothing!


Absolutely! And we can prove it.

There are already 3rd party open-source scripts to verify and calculate the game results. Check out this handy tool that one of our players generously made.

Learn more about our provably fair system


There's no real limit!


PakaKumi Affiliates is a program where we give you the opportunity to earn money every month simply by giving us the chance to welcome more players through our virtual doors.


Absolutely nothing. It's 100% free.


Of course, you can. We can give you all the marketing tools you will need to promote PakaKumi offline, on social media or by email.


As part of our affiliate network, you will be paid in a revenue share based model. You earn a 30% commission on revenues made.


A negative commission happens when an affiliate’s players generate negative revenue for PakaKumi. The house periodically absorbs all negative commissions and allows an affiliate to earn positive commissions on earnings from the subsequent games without having to “payback” the sportsbook’s loss.

Note: Negative commissions will NEVER impact your balance.

Pakakumi is an online casino gaming site. You bet and play games if you win you earn money. It uses an algorithm known as the probably fair which means there are over 1 million hashtags and gaming codes that will generate a game every time so the fact that there is that number of so many codes it becomes hard for the game operators or the players to manipulate the outcome meaning that this game is fair and there is nobody that can manipulate the outcome.

The advantage of using this website is that it's a real-time bet placement game. Based on the winning and losing statistics you are able to predict a winning bet.

Kenyans are searching the word Pakakumi on google over 34 000 times meaning that this betting site is very popular and easy to get started. All you need is to go over to the Pakakumi website, sign up using your Mpesa registered phone number in less than one minute you have your account.

You can place a bet of as low as 5/10 or 20 shillings and as high as 3000ksh.
It's suitable for people from all income levels so if you just have ten shillings to 300 Kenya shillings as a sign-up bonus is available using any of the links on this article.

How to Play Pakakumi..

PakaKumi Deposit Tab

Deposit money on Pakakumi using the DEPOSIT tab shown above.

  1. The deposit tab will direct you to your Mpesa account where you will put the amount and use your password to authorise.
  2. When you click here on the deposit you simply are presented with this form

Enter the amount you want to deposit here it can be as low as 50 shillings. The command will prompt you phone to pop up with the direct Mpesa deposit tab.

You can also deposit through pay bill and these are the instructions below..

Choose the amount and type the cashout number you would want to multiply the amount you have put.

Start with a minimum amount to study and know how the game works.

Yes, we have people tripling their initial amount to crazy amounts.


My Stories / Articles contain affiliate links that would lead to me getting a commission from any sale of products. This Is what encourages me to write about verified good products and solutions in the market that provide solutions to the Public.




In today's digital world the possibilities are endless. We showcase ways and means by which businesses can increase profit by leveraging Freelances & Products.

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Evans Nthiwa

Evans Nthiwa

In today's digital world the possibilities are endless. We showcase ways and means by which businesses can increase profit by leveraging Freelances & Products.

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